Business Line of Veritas

《Support to venture company》
1.Support to IPO
2.Planning of fund raising
3.Support to overseas operation
4.Business development for technique & know-how

《Business Consulting》
1.Planning & support to Merger & Acquisition
2.Support to business development in Asia, USA & Europe
3.Support to reorganization of company
4.Support to development for new business field

《Support to Business in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries》
1.Support to business development in Indonesia or other ASEAN countries by Japanese company
2.Support to business development in Japan by Indonesian company or other ASEAN country's company
3.Support to Japanese small and medium company's marketing research by using Japanese government fund

《Support to Business in China and India》
1.Support to business development in China or India by Japanese company
2.Support to business development in Japan by Chinese company or Indian company

《Consulting of Real Estate Business》
1.Planning of investment of real estate in Japan
2.Planning of securitization of real estate
3.Support to acquisition of overseas real estate

Name Veritas Partners,Inc
Address 6-2-6,Kojimachi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo102-0083,Japan
Contact TEL: 81-3-6830-0861 FAX: 81-3-5215-8864
Business Support to venture company
Business Consulting both in domestic and overseas
Advisory to real estate business
Set-up December,1997
Capital 10million yen
Director President & CEO:Manyoshi Tsuboi
Other 2 Director and one Auditor
Employee 15 person including Advisor
Overseas Shanghai in China, Jakarta in Indonesia
Bank Mitsubishi-Tokyo,Sumitomo-Mitsui,Mizuho
Accounts Settlement in December

Name Manyoshi Tsuboi
Age Born in 1945
Place Born in Yamaguchi,Japan
University Graduate in March,1967
1967〜1975: The Industrial Bank of Japan
1975〜1978: IBJ Leasing
1978〜1986: The Industrial Bank of Japan
1986〜1992: Kowa Real Estate
1992〜1996: The Industrial Bank of Japan
       Main business career in The Industrial Bank of Japan:
       Credit analysis,Lending,Security,Overseas finance
       The Industrial Bank of Japan(IBJ):currently,Mizuho Corporate Bank
1997:                 Set-up Veritas Partners Inc
1997〜 current: President & CEO of Veritas                               
Qualification Authorized Business Consultant
Authorized Resl Estate Advisor